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Jun 8, 2013: The 2013 @iccm conference begins in just two days! We're looking forward to seeing many of you there. #iccmus

Apr 2, 2013: Looking for a CRM/ERP software vendor? Find a vendor willing to immerse itself into knowing your organization. #DontEpicFail

Mar 22, 2013: Last day of Spring Break #CodeAThon for #Missions 2013! The @CalvinCollege group leaves tomorrow... we'll miss them! [link]

Mar 21, 2013: A shout out to @SClemenger @NargothBond... encouraged to see the baton-passing collaboration on the @globalrec #CodeAThon project!

Mar 11, 2011: Tim Young writes about Mobile Evangelism: Missions are always trying to leverage new technologies for Christ's glory, so it is not surprising that missions are doing a lot with mobile devices. It is estimated that there are about 5.3 billion mobile-phone subscribers[1] (some individuals have multiple phones), many of which are in the... (join MissionBytes for more)

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Sep 25, 2010: Tim Young writes about HDSentinel (linux): I had written about HDSentinel ( not all that long ago. HDSentinel reads SMART information from your disk-drives and gives you information about them. In the Windows world, this is very important information, and not very readily accessed. In the Linux world, however, there are... (join MissionBytes for more)

Aug 5, 2010: Tim Young writes about Hard-Drive Status (S.M.A.R.T): Many people I help out have been wondering about the quality of their Hard-drives. There are very few moving parts inside a computer, one of the primary ones is the hard-drive. These can sometimes last many years, but sometimes they only last a few months. When you are upgrading a computer,... (join MissionBytes for more)

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ICCM: The International Conference on Computing and Mission is an annual informal (no ties allowed!) gathering of women and men with a common interest in computers and missions, who share a vision of cooperation for the effective use of technology to bring the Gospel to every nation.

Technologists: Has God been moving in your heart, a longing for something more? Missions: Are you looking for someone to come alongside, to help you with technology? Friends: Has God put on your heart a passion to come alongside and be involved with missions?

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Hard At Work LightSys is dedicated to equipping Christian missions and ministries with the computing technology correct for them, including the knowledge and contacts needed to support that technology. As a result they can serve with greater efficiency, keeping their mind on their task, not their computers, thus redeeming technology -- for God's Kingdom.

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Will Compute For Food Our services are free of charge (see How Can We Serve You? for more details as to how this works). If your Christian mission or ministry has computer technology issues and would like some help, just contact us by sending an email to or using our contact form. Let us know what kinds of needs you have. We'll get back to you to discuss how we can help.

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