LightSys Associates Network (LAN)...

The LightSys Associates Network, the membership-based voluntary service arm of LightSys, exists to connect IT and software needs in the Christian missions and ministry community with people who possess the time and skills to meet those needs.

Why Join?

How can an organization like our LAN help?

  • Trust. There is a formal application process to join LAN, and we fully intend to get to know you and what you have to offer, and to provide you with the information and contacts you need in order to succeed. The network of trust established by LAN will allow you to become much more effective as you serve missions.
  • Community. As a part of LAN, you're a part of a larger community of people who have been doing this for many years, and some more than a decade. We'll be praying for you, encouraging you, and providing opportunities to interact with and get to know the rest of the LAN and the career LightSys staff.
  • Infrastructure. We can offer you the organizational framework of LightSys: an email account, business cards, the ability to raise financial support for your work with LAN, provision for expenses, and depending on the situation, a stipend during your service with LightSys as well.
  • Contacts. We've been in ministry for over a decade, and have connections with well over a hundred different missions offices where we have served, and with many more where we also have connections or awareness of needs. That network of contacts will help us find places for you to help out in a significant way.
  • Exhortation and Growth. Our goal is to not leave you "flying blind", so to speak. We want to provide you with good feedback on the work that you do with LightSys, whether it be feedback that a job was well done and made a huge difference to the mission or ministry that you served, or feedback that something didn't go so well and a different approach may be needed next time.

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