The Big Picture...

ICCM Conference Photo As LightSys, we are called to a small, but nevertheless crucial, part in God's work around the world. As such, we are not alone, but are a part of a larger community of Christian technologists within the body of Christ. There are also many other ministries today which are actively seeking God's will and serving in His kingdom by using their technological gifts.

Although it is important to us to share with you our heart, our vision, and our ministry, this website would be incomplete if we didn't share with you the bigger picture of God's work - to Him be the glory! As the theme song for ICCM 2005 proclaimed (from Psalm 115), "Not to us, but to Your name, be the glory!".

Community Places...

ICCM Logo Probably the most significant Community Place in missions IT work is the annual International Conference on Computing and Mission. At this conference, between 80 and 100 IT professionals and missionaries gather for worship, prayer, encouragement, sharing, and learning. Some significant community projects and collaborative efforts have risen from ICCM and the ICCM community. ICCM also has several mailing lists (currently on Yahoo Groups) which are active throughout the year.

Some links are provided below. Please feel free to join in on these communities! We're a community of a common heart and vision.

Conferences: Mailing Lists:

If you know of anything else that should be on the above list, please do contact us!

Working Together...

Partnerships As members of one body, we all share a common mission. It makes a lot of sense for us to work together. There are a number of projects and efforts underway to help that to happen. We've listed some of them below.

If you know of anything else that should be on the above list, please do contact us!