Kardia and Centrallix Workshop and Forum

We will be holding a workshop and forum on the Kardia and Centrallix projects at ICCM 2007, lasting for two days following the ICCM conference. The workshop/forum will begin on Tuesday afternoon following the conference and end with lunch on Thursday.

Kardia is a free open-source missions administrative and financial software package which originated with a well-attended BOF at ICCM 2001, as well as with a vision LightSys has had since 1998. Centrallix is an open-source application platform designed by LightSys and aimed at the business and community requirements of Kardia.

The purpose of this workshop is twofold: to train the participant on the use of the Kardia application and Centrallix platform (including technical details), and to provide a forum where participants can contribute to the ongoing dialog regarding the Kardia project and its use in missions. LightSys has relatively quietly continued to develop Kardia and Centrallix over the past few years, and an initial deployment of the software is in the works for late 2007 at one of our clients on the west coast.

Dates:12-Jun-2007 2:00pm - 14-Jun-2007 1:00pm (immediately following ICCM 2007)
Location:Taylor University
Costs:$130 in addition to ICCM registration. This covers meals, housing, snacks, and materials.
Who Should Come:- Any IT person in missions with an interest in one day using Kardia
- Any IT professional interested in helping with Kardia/Centrallix development or support.
- Anyone who is curious or who would like to provide his/her input to better shape the Kardia/Centrallix projects.
Format:A blend of presentations/lectures, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and group discussion/brainstorming.
Registration:You can register for this workshop when you register for ICCM. See the ICCM website.

We will post more information about the schedule and content of this workshop/forum in the coming two months.