LightSys Associates and Volunteers

LightSys' work extends beyond just our career team members. Our volunteers play an important role in keeping things going, and our associates network members assist in a professional capacity from time to time, serving our clients with their specialized skills.

Shawn and Shannon Parrish

Shawn Parrish We're Shawn and Shannon Parrish & family. Former missionaries to Paraguay, we have been ministering to missionaries with practical computer tech support since 1998.

Shawn's passion is supporting the end-user, the missionary in the field. Shannon's passion is techie-support as she takes care of Shawn and our three sons: Wesley, Calvin and Wyatt. You can find Shawn answering questions over at the Missionary Tech Support forum or just send an email to

Carl and Rebecca Armstrong

Carl Armstrong We're Carl and Rebecca Armstrong & family. We joined Lightsys as "LightSys Associates" in 2005 but have been serving the Lord with the skills he has given since 1992.

Unlike my two LightSys-founding brothers in the labor, my skills lay in the Microsoft realm. When I am not traveling around and supporting mission organizations, I work for an IT Management and Consulting Firm on the East Coast supporting VMware, Citrix/Terminal Services, Exchange and Active Directory.

T.R. and Angie Knight

T.R. Knight We're T.R. and Angie Knight & family. T.R. joined Lightsys officially as a "LightSys Associate" in 2005 but has been working with LightSys for years donating his time, knowledge and equipment. He attended Taylor with Tim and Greg so he has many stories to tell.

T.R. is the Director of Technology Services at Taylor University and Host of ICCM. Taylor graciously allows him to consult with Mission Organizations and offer hands on support as well. He has great passion in areas of IT Policy, Network Infrastructure, Wireless Networking, and Security.